Follow these easy steps to help your denim fit better, look better and last longer


- Turn garment inside out
- Use cold water
- Choose a gentle cycle with like colors
- Do not bleach (even white denim)
- Remove garment propertly from the washing machine


- Tumble dry low not exceeding 125°f or 55°c
- Medium Iron inside out 300ºF
- Do not Dry clean
- Pay attention to the garments care label for specific instructions.

- Spot clean your jeans.The sooner you can treat a blemish, the more likely it can be removed.
- Launder your jeans in a washing machine. Only wash your white jeans with other white clothing.
- Dry jeans on a low heat cycle or air dry them. High heat can also turn your white jeans to yellow.
- Always use a detergent designed for light colors.

Tips for eco-friendly care

These eco-friendly care tips will not only reduce your environmental impact and save you money, but will also extend the life of your favorite pieces.

  • 01

    Wash less

    Wear your clothes, especially denim, multiple times before washing to help save water and preserve the color. Consider spot cleaning between washes if needed.

  • 02

    Wash cold

    There are several benefits to washing your clothes in cold water. Cold water preserves the color, protects against fading and shrinking, and also saves energy.

  • 03

    Skip the dryer

    Always hang dry your jeans to reduce your energy usage and carbon footpring. Hang drying also helps to preserve the fit and to avoid possible shrinkage of fabric warping.

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    Microfibers are tiny plastic bits that shed from synthetic materials every time they’re washed and are making their way from our washing machines through our water sources.